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Osman Elnour Abd El-magid.


Khartoum North (Sudan).


Amiria(1), Bahri High School.


* B.S.c Agric. Biochemistry (Ein Shams University, Egypt),1980.

* M.S.c Agric. Biochemistry (University Of Khartoum, Sudan),1990.

* International Patentee.

The Abstract

Albumin distinct physiological role is still obscure and had been over-looked for decades. Albumin is a prominent feature in evolution and probably adaptation of species. Albumin metabolism was hypothesized to play a first messenger role in vertebrates by alteration of capillary membrane permeability, calcium signaling and internal calcium mobilization in response to every moment changes of the animal surroundings. Intra and extra-vascular albumin metabolism might generate endogenous nicotinic acid which facilitate albumin molecule extravasations and gear a metabolic fuel cycle between FFA and glucose and the consequent cascade of metabolic events. Every tissue has a genetically coded quota of degradable albumin for the proper functioning of the tissue. Deviation from this albumin quota, for numerous reasons, might provoke to morbidity. What we consider diseases might simply be a reversion to in- uterine physiologic and genetic memory archived by prevalent albumin metabolic patterns and masked by adult albumin patterns after birth. When we grow old, our disabled albumin becomes incapable of suppressing in- uterine genes which deleteriously express themselves, we get sick, and we end exactly where we have started. Albumin metabolism is suggested to play a first messenger role between the environment and our DNA. Global warming, climatic changes, pollution and agrichemical residues, in addition to numerous factors, might alter albumin metabolism thus threatening animal existence. However, some sort of environmental malnutrition concept is emerging. Albumin metabolism in relation to carbohydrate metabolism, the etiology and pathogenesis of obesity and diabetes mellitus is outlined. Blood lipids and related diseases in relation to albumin metabolism are also hypothesized. Operation of the immune system, water metabolism, hormonal actions, as well as carcinogenesis and other diverse path physiological issues are suggested on the light of molecular albumin metabolism. This is part one of the series of the integrated vision research hypothesis outlining, at the macro level, such possible relations. In 1-1 albumin metabolism in relation to the etiology and pathogenesis of obesity and diabetes mellitus is theorized on the light of syn-albumin insulin antagonism. Sub-titles include: synalbumin insulin antagonism,Glucose-FFA metabolic fuel cycle, etiology of obesity, diabetogenic modes of action, insulin vs oral hypoglycemic, what probably happens in the diabetic pancreas and liver, nicotinic acid vs nicotinamide, environment and diet implication, therapeutic and management approaches of obesity and diabetes.


Serum albumin metabolism :A possible first messenger role in vertebrates…(PDF-Book). Albumin…evolution,…adaptation of species. Albumin metabolism first messenger Alteration of capillary permeability,…calcium signaling…intern at calcium mobilization…bile acids metabolism …bile acid metabolism… metabdic fuel regulation between FFA and glucose…Indogenous nicotinic acid …genetically coded quota of degradable albumin… fetal albumin memory. Albumin metabolism mediate interaction between environment and DNA. Concept of environment malnutrition. Albumin metabolism in relation of carbohydrate metabolism…etiology and palhogenese is of obesity and diabetes, in relation to blood lipids in relation to operation of immune system,…in relation diverse patho physiological issues … part 1-1 syn albumin insulin antagonism,…Glucose –FFA metabolic fuel cycle,…diabetogenic modes of action,…insulin vs. oral hypoglycemic ,… diabetic pancreas and liver,…nicotinic acids vs. nicotine amide,…the question of sucrose, … environmental implications,…management approaches .Diagram tic presentation of metabolic fuel cycle, calcium signaling, cholesterologensis, and membrane permeability… Others.


Serum albumin metabolism (PDF)

Serum albumin metabolism: A possible first messenger role in vertebrates. An old hazy vision,a new look (PDF) by Osman Elnour Abd El magid. evolution and adaptation of species...alteration of capillary membrane permeability...calcium signaling...bile acid metabolism...metabolic fuel regulation between glucose and FFA...endogenous nicotinic acid generation...genetically coded quota of degradable albumin.